Michael Capponi And His Focus On Compassion

There can be little doubt that South Florida real estate developer Michael Capponi is an extremely busy individual. However, Capponi regularly devotes time and resources to help out a number of causes. He provides care workers, aid packages, and often hosts promotional events. He realizes that success means very little if he can not help out when times are tough. He has donated time and aid to Haiti after an earthquake ravaged the country, been involved with relief efforts during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and helps a number of agencies actively trying to ease the burden of people during unfortunate events.

One aspect of any good business person is compassion. Taking a timeout from the process of running companies, making decisions, and dealing with coworkers to focus on humanitarian missions, charity efforts, or worthwhile causes is important. When successful business leaders choose to get involved with causes, it draws attention to the charities and efforts. For many of the great causes, getting awareness of the campaigns out to the public is often just as important as raising funds or delivering aid. Therefore, getting the attention and tapping into the compassion of local business leaders can be rewarding on several different levels.

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Compassion for people in need is something that transforms good leaders into great people. By realizing that sometimes everyone needs a hand to pull them up from the ground, Capponi never hesitates to reach out. He draws other leaders in, because leading by example is equally important. The drive and focus that has brought him and his company to the top of the real estate industry provides the groundwork for rallying others around worthy causes and increasing the awareness of charity efforts. Of course, he accomplishes all of this while running a massively successful company. In short, he proves that making time and taking time to help others is just as important as answering a few emails.

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