Philanthropist Michael Capponi: Helps The People Of Haiti Use Their Talents

A BMX biker he competed regularly, won a state championship, and was featured in ads for Coca Cola and Twix.

Capponi’s character was molded by the school of hard knocks. His parents moved to Miami from Belgium when he was small. His father was an endurance swimmer who twice broke the record for swimming the English Channel.

He began working for nightclubs at 15, organizing private parties, racing up and down Washington and Collins on his skateboard posting flyers.

By his own estimate he was earning as much as $10,000 a month before he even graduated from high school.

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Humanitarian Michael Capponi may have found the solution when it comes to rebuilding Haiti. Following the catastrophic earthquake that nearly destroyed much of the country in 2010, his panacea comes down to one word: empowerment. While he believes in and supports the monetary aid from world governments—he has brilliantly shifted his own efforts to empowering the people of Haiti. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, the definition: make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights — demonstrates the perfect business plan. With his practical knowledge, professional savvy, and genuine interest in the future of Haiti, Capponi sees the benefits of launching the tourism industry and ultimately creating a vacation destination. By educating the Haitian citizens and involving local entrepreneurs to take control of the industry that will ultimately serve them well, he has empowered the locals to take pride in what they are accomplishing, the epitome of leading by example.